7500 USD credit without credit bureau

Have you heard about the youngest member of the family of Credit Bureau-free foreign loans? With 7,500 USD in credit without Credit Bureau, Best Bank is expanding its range of offers. Now you are wondering whether you could qualify for a Credit Bureau-free international loan for $ 7,500?

We have researched all relevant information on the subject directly at the source. Find out what is important for lending, what hurdles have to be overcome and what credit policy the bank stands for.

7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau – Liechtenstein loan

7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau - Liechtenstein loan

Lite Lender from Liechtenstein was founded in 2010. It replaced the former credit provider for loans without Credit Bureau from Switzerland. The bank focuses its business activities on special loans without Credit Bureau for Germans. $ 7,500 credit without Credit Bureau is the youngest member of the credit family. It complements the traditional Credit Bureau-free loans of $ 3500 and $ 5000.

The Liechtensteiners deposited a term of 40 months for all of the options that can be selected. The repayment begins with a time lag, which explains the different information on the terms in some forums. The focus on a specific target group is also the same for all Credit Bureau-free loan models. The financial products can only be approved for permanent employees subject to social security contributions.

In addition to the type of employment contract and the duration of employment with the current employer, securing approved small loans is also based on the amount of income. The net income, including maintenance obligations, must always demonstrate a sufficient attachable income component. In addition, the income may neither be currently seized nor the attachable income portion assigned.

Remove reservations – bad image

Remove reservations - bad image

One of the bank’s most important concerns is to use open information policy to take out loans that are free from the “dirty image” of the past. The lender bank is not responsible for the bad reputation of Credit Bureau-free loans. They are free-riders who hide their real loan offer through their advertising and then cheat people.

Current credit without Credit Bureau is no longer comparable to the offers of other banks in the past. Every current loan from Liechtenstein is strictly based on the applicable laws. – Both the laws in Liechtenstein and German legislation.

At the same time, the credit bank is creating credit opportunities that would have been utopian in the past, for example through the new $ 7,500 loan without Credit Bureau. Of course, the interest rates are high compared to regular loans. – But, the bank’s credit risk from lending to people with negative Credit Bureau is significantly higher.

Our tip:

Apply for your loan without Credit Bureau directly in Liechtenstein. If you do not want to do without a preliminary credit check through intermediaries, do not sign a brokerage contract. Provide the intermediary’s assistance in applying for credit directly from the credit bank. The bank will reward the reputable intermediary – free of charge for borrowers.

Application – apply for Credit Bureau-free credit

Application - apply for Credit Bureau-free credit

Two different procedures can be used to apply. A loan application may be made indirectly, through an intermediary, or directly with the loan provider. The form for applying for 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau is the same for all loans. It is available for download on the bank’s homepage. Credit applications are submitted using the post-ident procedure.

Any employee between the ages of 18 and 62 may apply for a loan. The key date for the age limit is the 62nd birthday (as the contract date). The employment relationship must be unlimited and not terminated. There are currently no attachments or assignments to the employer. Borrowers must be healthy and able to work. You are not in bankruptcy and are not listed in the debtor register of the local court.

The loan application comprises only one page and can be described as “self-explanatory”. The bank only asks for very simple information. The bank also provides the “USDpean Standard Information for Consumer Loans” online. You explain, in accordance with the loan amount, exactly the loan you have applied for. The consumer information also includes all contact information and information “what if …”.

Customer-friendly support – international and customer-oriented

Customer-friendly support - international and customer-oriented

If questions still remain unanswered, prospective creditors do not have to struggle through long FAQs, but simply pick up the phone. Calling is a normal phone number, not an expensive service number! From our own experience, when researching the 7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau, the telephone support is friendly and competent. In contrast to “normal” hotlines, we never had to wait long for an employee to answer.

There was no sign of an international bank on the phone, with a monopoly on Credit Bureaufree loans for Germans. With our repeated inquiries, the climate was more like the tone of a conversation with the house bank around the corner. The support of various contact persons was very personal and friendly. – Without knowing that each of them was just being tested.

Credit requirements – 7500 USD without Credit Bureau

Credit requirements - 7500 USD without Credit Bureau

7500 USD without Credit Bureau correspond to the premier class of Credit Bureau-free loans. The requirements for borrowers are significantly higher than for the smaller loan amounts. For the granting of credit, an uninterrupted employment relationship with the current employer of 48 months must be proven. – Exception credit increase! 12 months of service suffice to increase the credit of borrowers who have always behaved in accordance with the contract.

The verifiable minimum income for the granting of 7,500 USD credit without Credit Bureau is staggered, as with all Credit Bureau-free credit models. The exact amount of income must be determined by the number of dependents.

– Without maintenance obligations, 1800 USD monthly income is sufficient
– With a dependent person it would be 2100 USD monthly income
– In the case of two dependent persons, proof of income of $ 2,500 must be provided
– For three dependents, 2900 USD per month would have to be proven
– Applicants with 4 dependents should provide 3400 USD proof of earnings

7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau – old debts

7500 USD loan without Credit Bureau - old debts

Hardly anyone applies for a loan without Credit Bureau if they have not had payment difficulties in the past. A negative Credit Bureau entry that prevents regular credit is usually due to unpaid old debts. To expect borrowers to apply for a loan from Liechtenstein without any debt would be far from reality. The debt sustainability is important for a loan of 7500 USD without Credit Bureau credit.

Contaminated sites must have a healthy relationship to income. Reputable Credit Bureau-free international loan offers people a real credit opportunity with negative Credit Bureau who can afford their credit. The foreign loan is not a loan offer despite over-indebtedness. 7500 USD credit without Credit Bureau is a loan that is aimed specifically at solvent borrowers, from the large number of people with negative Credit Bureau.

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